Mehmet Faruk Yanık

Civil Engineer (Msc)

Doruk Engineering was founded in 1998 by Mehmet Faruk Yanık and Bilge Yanık. Company Manager Mehmet Faruk Yanık received his BA from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) and his Msc from Boğaziçi University. Mehmet Faruk Yanık is the Independent Auditor of the Turkish Precast Concrete Association and has various articles published about prefabricated buildings.




Doruk Mühendislik was founded in September 1998 to serve on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design in the field of preliminary design, construction design , strengthening , feasibility study , technical consulting service on design and construction stages.


Our company is the member of Chamber of Civil Engineers, Turkey and Chamber of Architects , Turkey. Our company gives design and quality control service to precast concrete producers for Chamber of Turkish Precast Producers.


Our vision is ;

As Doruk Mühendislik Team ;  To produce and develope structural and architectural design projects for all kinds of structures providing customer requirements at a highest level , economic and safe structures considering the today's technology.